Friday, July 3, 2009

Lets Discuss Michael Owen

At the end of the season I never imagined that I'd see Michael Owen playing at Old Trafford but since that seems to be the case I suppose we should figure out what that means.

It comes off one of two ways. It's either another stroke of genius by Sir Alex or a completely desperate move of signing a star on the decline after the young, rising star Benzema - oh he went somewhere else. The name is on the tip of my tongue. But lets not focus on that.

I don't think its desperate. I think if this came two or three weeks from now I'd call it desperation from United. There's still time to blow that £80 million. Michael Owen we're getting for free.

Ah - the glory of the free transfer. Owen became a free agent on 30 June and has since been openly trying to find a new home. He's been a bit of a media joke, so why is SAF taking the risk? Why is this actually ( well - possibly ) a genius signing by United?

One. He has experience and skill. Owen scored 26 goals out of 60 starts in the past two seasons for both Newcastle and the English side. He scored 118 goals for Liverpool from 1996-2004, 13 for Real Madrid in the 2004-2005 season. He also has 40 goals in his 89 caps for England. He knows how to score and is a rather decent finisher. If he has chemistry with the United midfield I can see him having a lot of chances to get promising shots on goal.

Two. It costs nothing to take this risk and find out. Because it is a risk. Luckily there is no transfer fee. The club will pay him his wages like any other player and be able to put a chunk of the Ronnie money elsewhere. Sure - his fitness has been questionable. Its been months since hes seen the back of the net. He has an injury. If the United medical staff think his knee problem is too bad then he won't be signed. But we're nothing if not a deep bench. I constantly say that Macheda needs more starts and he will develop into a world class striker. Owen wouldn't be in every match. He doesn't have to be ( think Giggsy people - not that Owen is a Giggs ). It may the most ideal of situations but he has two big reasons to get fit and they are reason number -

Three. Motivation. Motivation for two things. The World Cup is right around the corner and he still has a shot to make it back on the pitch for England. He's very passionate about it and such a return to the English side isn't unheard of ( think Becks - not that Owen is a David Beckham ). He is also motivated to restore his pride, his image to the fans. He has been written off and belittled by the British media. Owen is eager to prove that his time isn't over. Michael Owen is the desperate party here.

I think I have to feel this way. I have to think that Fergie sees something in him. There has to be a spark left to his story. I don't like to believe that Sir Alex makes mistakes. I know that he does - I can name some for you now. But I have a lot of faith in him. His decisions may not be the word of God but I'd like to think he has the ear of someone important up there. ( As if some higher being - if that's what you believe in - has the free time to be a fan and has chosen to support my club )

This story has redemption written all over it and that might be reason enough for Fergie.

I really hope he's not crap all season.

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