Thursday, July 2, 2009

I've Red Carded Real Madrid - Lets Talk About A Liverpool Mob Connection

I've decided to ban all talk of Real Madrid from my blog for the next three days as punishment to the club for spending such a ridiculous amount of money, taking many top players off of the summer transfer market, and generally getting on my nerves. I can't help but read about them everywhere else - I might as well make a safe zone somewhere.

At the end of the three days I'll probably want to cover any new acquisitions they've made and how that affects signings for the Premier League but I just don't want to read any more about them today.

Instead I'm going to talk about a story I found yesterday at the Telegraph's Web site.

Do you know Nikolay Mihailov? Don't feel bad if you don't. He's a reserve keeper at Liverpool and has been on loan to the Dutch club FC Twente since 2007. But there is reason to suspect that he might be Liverpool's new Number Two with the departure of Itandje.

Well - Mihailov is Bulgarian had been dating Bulgarian Playmate and model Nikoleta Lozanova. Had is the important word in that sentence. The model is now linked to Georgi 'The Head' Stoilov. 'The Head' just happens to be a mob godfather in Bulgaria.

Here is where it gets interesting. Mihailov compared his former girlfriend to his recent. He basically said that the current WAG was a much newer, shinier model. The Telegraph reads:

Mihailov allegedly joked to local media that if his new girlfriend was a Ferrari, Nikoleta must be a broken down Trabant from the old East Germany.

Mihailov actually does have a Ferrari.

Footballers don't seem to have the best luck with these cars - remember Ronnie crashed his back in January near the Manchester airport.

Milhailov's car now has lovely damage caused by an acid attack which has been attributed to the mob boss. It's about £17,000 in damages to be more specific.

So where is he now?

Mihailov is now reportedly in hiding while club bosses decide whether he should remain in Bulgaria or return to Anfield.

You really can't make that up.

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