Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Ah. Well we've known about it for days but its finally official.

Gabriel Obertan is Man United's third major signing of the summer. The twenty year old French winger has been signed to a four year contract for a fee of £8 million.

From what I understand- Obertan can play on the left, can play on the right. Sound familiar? I should think so.

Of course SAF has told the press that the club has been following Obertan for a while time, the timing was never right before, the lad has great promise - all of the things Fergie usually says about his squad. And Obertan has made the obvious statements about how happy he is to be at Old Trafford :

"I am very happy to join Manchester United...This is a big opportunity for me to play at such a great club. I am very excited to be here and I look forward to proving what I can do."

So what is going to make him different from any old signing? What makes him different than Antonio Valencia, who was touted as the Ronnie Replacement? I'm not entirely sure.

He only has three goals from his French club in over fifty caps. I've tried to find clips of Obertan from Bordeaux or the French U-21 squad but all I seem to find are the same clips set to different music.

I feel as though I'm more impressed with Valencia, who already has experience in the Premier League.

Obertan and Valencia are both young - something Fergie likes. They will be able to be molded into the kind of players. They'll also have Nani to bring into the mix. I feel like Nani, Valencia, and Obertan might work well on the pitch in covering the wings.

I think that like other United signings that Obertan is a wait-and-see.

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