Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Off Season

It has been nine days since my last match. My season ended with the Champions League final on 27 May ( Barca 2 United 0 ) and doesn't start up again until the Community Shield on 9 August
( United v Chelsea ). For me, it's usually about ten days into the off season that the withdrawal symptoms begin to take their toll. This year the toll seems to be a blog.

I think the unhappiest you will find a football fan will be in June and July during oddly numbered years. It's these years that have no World Cup, no European Championship. Its these years that we only have transfer gossip and the occasional exhibition tour to get us through the summer.

This blog will cover any news that comes my way. It will focus on United and the Premier League, but will deal with any major club that relates through transfers. It will cover any major antics by the clubs and players. It will have random venting about the sport in general. It will cover any matches (professional or not) that I attend, including a trip to Baltimore to see Chelsea FC play AC Milan.

The first real post will come tomorrow. Possible topics? AIG to AON sponsor changes. 2009/2010 season kits. Carlos Tevez transfer rumors. Transfer interest in Nemanja Vidic. The whole Kaka transfer...

We'll see how this goes.

Current Off Season Schedule
16 June: 2009/2010 fixture list released
18, 20, 24, and 26 July: United's Asia tour matches
24 July: Baltimore to see Chelsea v AC Milan
5 August: Friendly against Valencia at Old Trafford
9 August: Community Shield

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