Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Making Sense of the Circular Star Collecting

So. I suppose the inspiration behind today's update should be fairly obvious.


The whole transfer season is like running in circles. Every major transfer has a tendency to affect all of the others.

So Real Madrid brought over Kaka for £62 million ( which is $94 million ) topping the list for the most expensive transfer in professional history, eclipsing when they brought over Zidane from Juventus back in 2001. Remember that Man City wanted Kaka back in December and he wasn't having it and then jumped at the change of going to Spain.

Well the ink is barely dry on Kaka's contract and Perez is coming out and saying that Ronnie will be next. Ronaldo, by the way, is not in the best shape right now. After Portual's win against Albania earlier in the week he was complaing of pain and might have to have an operation for a hernia. United has him on rest now to see if surgery will be necessary - but he could end up missing pre-season training.

If United do unload the greatest player in the world they will have the funds to bring over multiple players they've been looking for. They'll want a new winger after all - maybe two since Nani doesn't seem to have a secure spot at the club anymore. So what could a Ronnie transfer bring to United? Also, what could money saved by letting Carlos Tevez go to Man City be put to?

Antonio Valencia. He is a winger that United openly inquired about. He wants to come to Old Trafford and has been outspoken about it. United is only valuing him at around £16 million but Wigan wants more.

A new keeper? VDS is beloved but won't play for many more seasons. United is ( finally! ) sending off Kusczak on loan or to another club permanently and while Foster isn't shabby we need more than that. I've heard that Diego Lopez might fit in at United - and he's 27, a full ten years less than VDS.

Karim Benzema. He is a striker for Lyon. He has a different style than Tevez ( who has a similar style to Wayne Rooney, who is always safe at United ) and United had been looking at him last year until they signed Berba ( I'd have rather they signed Benzema than Berba ). Benzema would cost around £25 million.

Barca had also wanted Benzema - but he'd be in the way of Eto'o right? Unless they made him a substitute or shifted around Eto'o. Or sold him to City, who has interest. But if City gets Tevez they won't need Eto'o. This is where it gets complicated. By letting Tevez go to City they can make it a lot easier for them to get Benzema.

Speaking of Barcelona - I read today something interesting about a player possibly leaving on bad terms. The Goal.com headline reads "Under-Appreciated Yaya Toure Could Leave Barcelona - Agent." Basically it seems like Toure is paid less and represented less than other players by the club ( especially during the Treble winning season they just had). Here's some of the article:

"Barca have not complied with the gentleman's agreement that we reached," Seluk told Sport. "Joan Laporta says that Valdes is the best goalkeeper in the world, the same about Messi, with Xavi, with Iniesta ... but with Toure, never anything,
"If he is not good enough to play in this team then that will be that.
"He has spent two seasons earning a minimum salary. He earns less than many of the first-team regulars and less even than some of those that hardly play at all.
"We have put our faith in the word of the club, but they have not respected it...
"Therefore, I think Toure deserves more recognition on the part of Barca."
Manchester City have been linked with a move for Toure, and Seluk insists that Arsenal will not be able to afford to buy the player.
"There are many teams interested in Toure," he added.
"He will not go to Arsenal because he has better offers and nor will he go to Germany, but his future could be in Italy or in England."

Well, well. Who's in the hunt for a good midfielder?

Maybe Chelsea. They can't seem to keep a manager, but they certainly have the funds for some solid transfers this summer? Ballack just signed a one year extension with the Blues. David Villa has been linked with both Chelsea and Real Madrid this week - although I thought he was happy at Valencia. We'll have to wait and see on that one but right now The Sun reads:

Reports suggest Chelsea are ready with a 38-million-pound cash offer for the star - while Real are hoping to lure him from Valencia with a 24-million offer plus striker Alvaro Negredo. Villa has already turned down a big money move to Manchester City and is expected to sign for Real due to family issues.

And to mention the German league and Ribery - Real Madrid wants him. I see him in England or Italy before Spain.

Also, this isnt about star collecting but I have to mention this. Have you heard? Mike Ashley is selling Newcastle. Online. He's asking for £100 million. And whats going to happen with Alan Shearer? Gone, I'd guess. Unless they get a legitimate buyer, I don't know, within the next three to four weeks that actually knows anything about the game I'd say there's no chance of them making it back to the Premier League in a year. Other clubs in the Championship that are for sell are nowhere near £100 million. £25-30, tops. I know you were relegated but come on - have some class.

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