Thursday, June 11, 2009

He Played on the Left, He Played on the Right

I remember watching an old war movie once and a song from it. I really don't know why it sprang to my mind this morning but it begins:

Wish me luck, as you wave me goodbye.
Cheerio, here I go, on my way.

Maybe it has something to do with Ronnie.

There isn't much else I can think of right now. There probably isn't much a solid United fan can think of at the moment, provided they're awake to think about it. I awoke shortly after 7AM this morning to hear my TV ( God Bless BBC America ) inform me that Ronaldo had been sold to Real Madrid for £80 million ( $130 million ) sometime after the time I went to bed last night. I think my subconscious heard "Manchester United" and made my body wake up for it. I really wouldn't be surprised at this point.

So. The most important thing to focus on now is how this is good for United. I've been mentioning it on this blog for the past few days. I think we all could have seen it coming and at this point shouldn't be too heartbroken. I also really do think it is the best thing for the club. Sir Alex doesn't deal with ego. Manchester United is a club of teamwork and no player should be more important to the club. He shipped out Becks and he's done the same to Ronaldo. David Maddock at the Mirror wrote:

Too many times this season he stood with hands on hips, disapproving of events unfolding around him. Too many times there were gestures at team-mates, and sulky celebrations. Ferguson eventually admonished him in public for his behaviour, and that was the beginning of the end.

With Ronaldo leaving and Tevez most likely signing with City this gives us
at least £80 million to throw around. Unless Ronnie's exit ( Fun Fact: Sir Alex originally signed Ronnie for £12 million ) makes way for Tevez to stay. No matter what - it'll be hard to replace him. Ronnie is a vital part in the United attack. I don't think I can put it better than's Mike Maguire:

Others may even go as far as to suggest that the Red Devils will be better off without ‘CR7’. He’s greedy, arrogant, deceitful, conniving and overall far too soap-star-looking to play for Salford’s greatest establishment, they’ll say; as big-headed as he is brilliant, and just another example of Fergie’s no-tolerance policy towards those who believe they are untouchable.
So, with money to blow and their right flank a superstar short, it’s simply a matter of replacing Ronaldo, isn’t it? Just as the Madeira-born magician made the Stretford End faithful forget David Beckham, surely the man who inherits the No. 7 jersey will do the same?
Unfortunately for the Premier League champs, it ain’t that simple.

The thing is, the Ronaldo of the last three years has been something else. On a bad day, he’ll win you a game; on a good day, he’ll do so in such a manner that will leave his opponents considering retirement at half-time. He’ll beat men with pace, humiliate entire defences with his skill, and murder teams with his unholy knack for finding the net.

We can't buy another Ronnie in terms of skill but I think we can buy players that help the teamwork on the pitch as a whole. I think that Rooney will be better without having to sacrifice his attacks for Ronaldo. I think new players might mesh into attacks and not take the ball so much for themselves.

Who are our options? As I've said before, I think that we should sign Alberto Valencia and Karim Benzema. We've wanted Benzema for over a year; I'll be shocked if we don't sign him. Valencia really wants to make the move to United and now we have the funds to better make it happen. United is also apparently considering signing Real Madrid's Arjen Robben ( the Dutch left wing ). The Evening Telegraph reports that Sporting Lisbon are interested in re-signing Nani ( who has underperformed at Old Trafford this past season) maybe on loan or through an exchange for Joao Mourinho
( attacking midfielder ). I believe there is some chance of signing Franck Ribery ( whom I think will either greatly flourish or fail miserably at Old Trafford ). I also hear Zoran Tosic ( Serbian winger ) is hoping to impress the boss at the U-21 Championships and maybe get moved up to the first team for the start of next season.

I always say that Fergie knows best. The team has played better and will be better again. They survived losing Becks. They survived Cantona. They survived Van Nistelrooy and Keane. United is bigger than the sum of it's parts.

Despite all of this, I'd like to end by saying that I do not like Real Madrid. I know they're not the best in the world; they're not the best in Spain. I don't think Spain is the premiere league in the world. I like a quote I read today from Andy Gray on the topic of Real Madrid's recent star collecting and whether or not it would help the club win silverware next year ( they didn't win any this year ):

"You can buy Kaka, you can buy Ronaldo, but you can't stop letting goals in."


  1. Man U should buy someone from Real. An eye for an eye right?

  2. Don't forget about the possible interest in Arjen Robben from Madrid! But I'm really excited for Benzema. I wanted United to sign him instead of Berba. Berba has been about as useful to United as Shevchenko to Chelsea.