Monday, June 8, 2009

He Comes From Serbia, He Stays in Manchester

The most common chant about Vidic ( to the tune of Volare ) is as follows:

Nemanja ohhh, Nemanja ohhh,
He comes from Serbia,
He'll f*ckin murder ya!

Of course, whenever its sung by drunken fans it always sounds like he'll "fookin" be murdering people which I always get a kick of. Although I doubt he's that scary off the pitch; in interviews he always seems like as nice guy. He and Rio are just perfect together like Steve Bruce and Gary Pallister were, starting almost twenty years ago.

I love Nemanja Vidic. I think he's brilliant. I think he's only going to get better. I think he's probably one of the most intimidating people in football today, definitely the most intimidating player at United. ( Although I wouldn't want to see Rooney barrelling down the field against me )

It seems like most people, including the managers at Barcelona, Real Madrid, and AC Milan agree with me.

There have been a lot of rumors this past week about the clubs trying to get Vidic to leave United over the summer. The headlines read things like "Real Madrid Target Manchester United Defender Vidic - Reports - The Spanish club are looking to strengthen their back line next season..." "AC Milan and Barcelona chase Manchester United's £25m Vidic," and "Manchester United face interest in Nemanja Vidic from Barcelona and AC Milan- Manchester United are set to receive unwanted attention from AC Milan and Barcelona as the two European clubs try to lure Nemanja Vidic away from Old Trafford this summer."

All of the clubs decided to jump on it it seems not just because he's one of the best defenders in the world but because there were reports that his wife wasn't happy in England.

It was great today to wake up and read that Vidic isn't even considering these offers. There was an immediate response from his agent, Paolo Fabbri, saying:

“Nemanja Vidic will stay in Manchester,” Paolo Fabbri told Setanta Sports. “I don’t think we will have any surprises in the short term. We are not planning to move.
“This week, on Monday and Tuesday, we were at Manchester United to speak with David Gill, for other reasons, but we also spoke about Vidic.
“Vidic is supposed to stay there. A move is not possible unless some Arab makes a crazy offer!
"But in a normal situation, Nemanja will stay there.
“Barcelona and many other teams can be interested in Vidic - that is another story. Three or four Italian teams would be pleased to have the player.
“But he is under contract. His deal has been already extended until 2012.”

Players honoring their contract and staying at their club is something I really respect. I mean, I think that unless the player is truly miserable where they are and it affects their game that there is no reason to get out of your contract early. Sometimes the club lets you go because you're not being used and could be better off somewhere else ( So long Kuszack...I doubt I'll miss you ) but I'm always shocked when other people are shocked that clubs fight for their players. When they sign a new contract in the winter and try to get out of his in the summer...come on.

Nemanja Vidic was voted Fan's Player of the Year and the Players' Player of the Year this past season. I'm really not surprised. I think he seems like a genuinely good guy. Here's some Vidic telling why he loves football.

Also in the news: United v Real Madrid to sign Antonio Valencia. We'll see how that one goes.

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